Am I eligible for Invisalign?

Invisalign Weybridge can be used to correct a number of different issues with the teeth, alignment and bite. For example, patients who have an issue with their bite, whether that be over, under or open, could benefit from this treatment.

There are many different treatable cases that patients could rectify with the service provided. Smiles that have crowded teeth can be assisted alongside smiles that have an overbite, underbite, crossbite or an open bite. gaps in the teeth can also be closed through the use of this treatment.

The series of aligners that are given to patients work with generally achieve straighter teeth. This treatment can be used on baby and permanent teeth, giving everyone access to the straight and healthy-looking smile that they deserve.

This treatment is safe, tried and tested. Patients should read on to the next section to see what positives Invisalign could bring to them and their smile.

Pros of Invisalign

Invisalign Weybridge has many different reasons why it could have a positive effect on a person’s smile. In the previous section, we discussed what orthodontic issues could be rectified with this treatment, having a straightened smile can do wonders for a person’s self-confidence about how they look.

Patients can be assured that these aligners are made to be as comfortable as can be. The aligners are made to fit each individual patient’s smile so they can work to their fullest potential. The aligners are clear meaning that patients do not have to worry about how their teeth look while they undergo treatment.

The braces can be removed, meaning that activities such as eating and drinking can go unchanged. The aligners fit around a person’s schedule and mean that they can straighten their smile on their own schedule.

Patients should read on to the next section to discover what they should do next if they decide that this treatment is the one for them.

How much does Invisalign cost

This treatment has been designed to have the best effect on a person’s smile. The cost of Invisalign can depend on the nature of treatment so patients are advised to work with their dentist to determine whether this treatment could be the one for them.

The dentist in question will work with patients to decide whether this treatment or a different form of tooth straightening could be more effective on a patient’s particular smile. If a patient thinks that this treatment could be the one for them then they should consider getting in touch with the practice to set up an initial consultation.

If a patient has any questions regarding this treatment then they should consider having a look at the website to read about this treatment in more detail. If they have any further questions then they should not hesitate to get in contact with the practice.

Everyone has the right to a perfect looking smile and this treatment could be the one to help someone achieve that. If someone is uncomfortable with their smile then they should take the leap today to improve the look of their smile.

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