Could a practice such as Sheen Dental in Richmond help your smile?

Keeping up appearances

With the increasingly volatile and unpredictable nature of the world around us, it is easy to let certain things slip. Whilst the majority of us may have been lax about our personal grooming over the recent lockdown period, it is important that we remember that our oral hygiene is not something to be neglected.

What many people don’trealise is that our oral health is usually an indicator of our overall health, and that the two things are not as separate as one may think. If we do not look after our teeth regularly with efficiency, then a number of knock-on effects may impact our overall health in a detrimental way.

Anybody who feels that they have not been paying enough attention to their oral health over the last few months, ought to contact a trustworthy dental practice such as Sheen Dental in Richmond and arrange to have their oral health professionally assessed through a dentist and perhaps have some basic treatment through a hygienist.

What is a dental hygienist?

For those who do not know, a dental hygienist is a  professional who deals primarily in the preservation of a patient’s oral wellbeing. Whilst dentists – such as cosmetic specialists – may be experts in making a patient’s teeth look good, dental hygienists focus purely around making sure that a patient’s teeth are as fit and healthy as they can be.

The primary duties of a dental hygienist involve conducting examinations of a patient’s oral wellbeing, and establishing if any signs of gum disease or gingivitis are evident.

If any onset signs of gum disease are recognised then the dental hygienist will treat them quickly and efficiently to ensure that they do not develop any further. Another key aspect of the role of a dental hygienist is to professionally clean a patient’s teeth.

This is a two step process known as a ‘scale and polish’ and is designed to remove any surface level plaque, tartar and visible marks from all over the patient’s teeth. The results of which often leave patients with a visibly enhanced, healthier looking smile.

Anyone who feels that they have perhaps not been upholding a strict enough oral care regime during the lockdown ought to speak to a hygienist near them whom they trust and ensure that they get the best care they can to keep their teeth healthy.

Cosmetic dental whitening

Another treatment which is available through most trustworthy, reliable dental care providers which achieves a similar end-result to a scale and polish service is cosmetic dental whitening.

This is a cosmetic treatment which has become vastly popular over recent years, because of its accessibility and ability to achieve lasting and impactful results within a short timescale. Typically, there are two types of cosmetic whitening treatment available to patients.

The first is in-practice whitening, such as Zoom Whitening, which is the quickest and most popular form of treatment. For this treatment, a custom made dental retainer is created of each patient’s unique tooth shape. Into this retainer the dentist places a safe quantity of a bleaching gel which contains hydrogen peroxide.

This peroxide-based bleaching gel then begins to instantly brighten and whiten the patient’s enamel in only an hour, and lets them leave the practice with a whiter looking smile and an increased sense of self-confidence.

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