Dental Marketing Techniques

If you are looking to grow your dental practice and branch out to more people, then there are many different dental marketing techniques which can be useful to do this. It is always important to stay up to date with these methods so that you can increase the chances of bringing in new patients.

Having a website

This is a big part of advertising your practice, having a website almost acts as the hub for your business, on top of your actual practice. It is somewhere that people can go to research your practice and services if they are considering getting a treatment. You can include all of the information that a new patient would possibly need to feel confident in your practice and book an appointment.

It is important that you make sure your website looks inviting to the user, as this will encourage them to stay and research more. By making your home page simple yet effective, through good use of pictures and light colours for example, you can entice the user to continue using it. Whereas if you make your website too busy, unattractive or too full of information, this can deter someone from continuing to use the site, as it looks unprofessional.

Google SEO

This type of marketing for dentists is great for boosting yourself on Google searches. This can be done in a few ways, but all of them contribute to pushing your website up on Google as much as possible. The majority of the time, people who are searching for something on Google won’t go past the first page of results, meaning that there is a lot more opportunity to bring in new patients if your website is on it.

One of the SEO methods used for dental marketing is writing articles with certain keywords and links attached to them. By using specific keywords that people may search for such as ‘dentist in London’, this allows Google to link your website to what the person is searching for and push your page to the top. By having a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website that people visit, this shows Google that your site is trusted, and will push it to the top more than some others.

Social Media

The power of social media is only growing, and if you have accounts on these platforms, you are more likely to bring in new patients due to the amount of people who use them and how often. A lot of people who use social media will check it on a daily basis to see what’s new. If you can use this and interact with your local community and beyond through social media, it can build more trust between the potential new patient and your practice.

When you post updates on your social media accounts, it shows people that you are a functioning practice who gets real patients. You can post whatever you want to on your social media accounts, such as videos of treatments, before and after pictures, videos introducing yourself and more. All of these things can help to make your practice feel more trusted by the user, and can encourage them to want to find out more.

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