Does the Low-Cost Lumbar Decompression Surgery in India Help in Getting Relief?


The Lumbar Decompression Surgery Cost in India or any other treatment in India does not mean that the procedure is not valid. The price in India is made the minimum possible so that each patient suffering from health disorder can undertake the treatment.

The doctors aim to help the patients to be able to live a healthy life, even after any significant health issues.

The medical industry in the country do not degrade the quality of treatment but reduce the overall cost by decreasing the charges of the hospital, surgery and the fee of the surgeon.

What is the Success-Rate of Lumbar Decompression Surgery in India?

Lumbar Decompression Surgery has a success rate of 98%. The neuro & spine surgeons in India possess the experience of several years and accomplishes all the complicated procedures successfully.

The patients after availing their surgery can feel a considerable relief in their lower back pain. The procedure of the lumbar decompression can vary depending on the cause of the compression of the nerves.

The high success rate of treatment in India is also because of the use of advanced technology. The latest devices and equipment used for spinal decompression include:

  • VAX-D System
  • The Spinal Aid System, and
  • DRX-9000 System.

Using the updated techniques leads to lowering of the risks and complications after the treatment. Also, the surgeons make use of minimally invasive surgery wherever possible, making it easy for the patients to recover in minimum possible time.

What Should You Expect From Lumbar Decompression Surgery in India?

Lumbar or Spinal Decompression Surgery is performed to reduce the pain and pressure from the compressed nerves in the lower back. The pain is usually because of extended bony structure, dislocation of the bone putting the pressure on the underlying nerve, reduction in the standard space in the spine or any other.

Once you undergo surgery, you will feel the relaxation in the pain that stops you from performing your day to day tasks. However, one cannot expect immediate recovery.

The recovery after the surgery depends on the medical condition of the patient. Some patients may recover within 15 days while some may take as long as 45 days or even more.

To recover at the earliest, the patient must:

  • Follow the instructions of the doctor
  • Take drugs & medicines on time
  • Undergo physiotherapy treatment as recommended by the doctor
  • Visit the doctor periodically for follow-up, checkup, and avoid complications.

What is the Cost of Lumbar Decompression Treatment in India?

The Cost of Lumbar Decompression Surgery in India starts at USD 4,500, and it can be as high as 7,000 dollars depending on several factors like choice of surgeon, hospital and others.

No other country providing you with satisfactory treatment can offer you the cost lower than this.


The doctors in India not only provide effective surgery but also help the patients with a speedy recovery. So, it is difficult that the treatment is a failure or the patient suffer from long-time complications.

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