Factors Plastic Surgeons Use to Determine Hair Transplant Candidacy

Find out what plastic surgeons look at to see if you can get a hair transplant. Find out things like the health of the scalp, the thickness of the hair, and your medical background.

Hair Transplant Surgeons

Find out what plastic doctors look at most when deciding if someone is a good candidate for a hair transplant. Look into their age, how they lose hair, and their general health.

Hair transplant surgery is the best and safest way to get your hair back. As the problem of hair fall doesn’t need any introduction, the affected population has been increasing day by day. Some factors are genetic, while others are age factors and pollution.

Everybody is looking for a permanent solution, along with lots of research, but there might be a chance that these permanent solutions may not suit you.

Some factors restrict your ability to get your hair transplant surgery done. But it is more important that each of us have a prior consultation with our plastic surgeons and let them decide whether we are the right candidate for hair transplant surgery or not.

Factors to Use to Determine Hair Transplant Candidacy

Find out what plastic surgeons look for in people who want to get a hair transplant. Learn why donating hair is important, how much hair loss there is, and what to expect.

Hair Transplant Candidacy

Plastic Surgeons are well-experienced and well-educated to provide you the best information about Hair Transplant Surgery. Only a plastic and cosmetic surgeon can efficiently guide you. Factors by which Plastic Surgeons decide whether you are a candidate for a hair transplant or not:

#1. Reasonable Amount of Hair Loss

Surgeons do not like to do Hair Transplantation if the hair-falls just started. It is suggested that he opt for some hair fall solution or modify his hairstyle until a significant amount of hair has been lost.

#2. Adequate Donor Area

If the donor area is very thin, then surgeons recommend not doing a hair transplant. If the donor area is good, only then should the surgeon do a hair transplant.

#3. Patient Expectations

If the patient has reasonable expectations out of the hair transplant, then it makes sense to do a hair transplant. If the patient demands more than a hair transplant can achieve, then he is a very poor candidate for a hair transplant.

patient’s need to understand that hair fall will continue. So, when we do a hair transplant in the front region towards the back, more hair will be lost. So, the patient must understand that he may be a candidate for future hair transplants as well, and if the patient does not understand this, then doing hair transplants may pose a problem for this patient.

Any medical contraindication to the Hair Transplant procedure needs to be clearly defined. For example, if the patient is on blood thinner medicines or has any lung or cardiac disorders, we don’t prefer to do a hair transplant for such patients. However, a hair transplant can be done easily for patients suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure.

These are some basic and necessary facts that one should be aware of regarding a hair transplant.

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