How missing teeth threaten overall health

There are real costs to not replacing missing teeth. These costs play out in a myriad of ways and are closely tied to the overall quality of life. Missing teeth is one such dental concern that should not be ignored, and yet, many patients do not see the urgency in seeking proper treatment solutions when they lose one or more of their adult teeth.

The loss of one adult tooth is considered harmless, but the consequences that develop because of this can have a far-reaching and devastating impact. In addition to the functional problems that occur after a tooth is lost, there is what happens after this occurrence that is of concern too.

Undesirable consequences of tooth loss

It is important to know what risks are posed to health when one suffers from tooth loss. Knowing what these are helps in avoiding the detrimental impact on quality of life and makes seeking appropriate missing teeth replacement solutions like dental implants Navan a top priority.

The first immediate concern of tooth loss is the adverse effect on masticatory function. The full dental arch of human beings consists of 32 teeth that all play a part in properly grinding down food so that it can be digested efficiently. When one or more of these teeth are lost, eating difficulties arise, which increase the risk of malnutrition.

The population most affected by missing adult teeth is the elderly – the age group that is also commonly linked to malnutrition. Statistics in the UK put the number of elderly suffering from malnutrition at 1 in 10. One of the contributing factors to this malnutrition problem in mature citizens is tooth loss.

Another functional problem created by tooth loss is speech defects. Gaps in the dental arch make the pronunciation of certain sounds challenging. These speech impediments can lead to a person losing confidence in engaging with others.

The loss of aesthetic value when adult teeth are lost may be hard to quantify but cannot be denied. A full set of strong healthy teeth makes for a beautiful and dazzling smile. Without this ability to smile a wide warm smile, one would simply lack the confidence to take full benefit of opportunities that may present themselves. Confidence is that one enviable trait that enables the wearer to form favourable impressions on others, allowing them to win friends in the workplace and playground. The ability to engage and connect with others is critical for mental and emotional wellbeing in human beings.

It may not be immediately realised, but the possibility of missing teeth creating orthodontic problems is a great one. Gaps in the dental arch open the way for existing teeth to move out of position, resulting in dental misalignment issues.

Also of concern to oral health is the impact on jawbone quality. Bone loss or reabsorption is a common occurrence following adult tooth loss; this happens as a result of the jawbone losing the stimulation provided by tooth roots.

It can thus be seen from the above that missing teeth can lessen the patient’s quality of life, which is why dentists encourage patients to seek proper dental solutions when teeth are lost.

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