How to Get Perky Breasts Without Surgery

Get Perky Breasts

Not only can surgery give you beautiful breasts, but there are other options. You can fight gravity with exercise, and aesthetic hacks such as tape are great when you’re in a pinch or need to transform an outfit quickly.

Be consistent! No exercise or hack will give you permanent results. Are you looking for immediate results? Look around your home. You might already have the tools you need to do these hacks.

How to Get Perky Breasts

13 Tips Using Bras, Tape, Exercise, and More to Get Perky Breasts Without Surgery.

How to Get Perky Breasts

#1. Makeup hacks

Cosmetics are a great way for breasts to look more attractive without spending too much. For example, a pearly cream can enhance your cleavage, while a darker bronzer can give you a little more.

Using a shimmering highlighter, you can give your breasts a natural, lighter lift. However, it won’t make them look larger or more inflated.

Instead, use your index and pointer fingers to rub a small amount of pearly cream onto your breasts. This will give your cleavage a subtle lift, especially if you have a plunging neckline.

You can give the illusion of larger breasts by using a dark contour. To outline your breasts and skin, use a contour pencil a few shades darker than your natural skin to draw lines. Then, use a matte highlight stick to trace all lines and blend in quick circular motions.

#2. Bra hacks

Bras can be great for keeping your breasts in check. In addition, bras can give breasts a boost if you play your cards well.

Make your racer back bra. You can make a racer-back from your regular bra to give your bra some lift. Take your bra straps and tie them. You can use a paper clip or a short velcro strip to hold your bra straps together.

Depending on your lift’s drama, place the clip or strip either at the top of your back or in the middle.

Bra stacking. Bra stacking is a classic technique that can increase the size and firmness of your breasts.

It’s easy: Wear two bras. Although it may be uncomfortable initially, you will soon get used to it.

Two bra sizes are needed: one for your normal size and one for your cup size. The larger bra should be worn above the smaller one.

Sock stuffing. You can increase your cleavage by stuffing your bra with socks. Place each sock under your breasts. However, you can use any socks.

Different sizes will result in different results. You will experience a greater lift with larger socks, while smaller socks will provide a subtle boost. Tissue? No!

perky breasts without a lot effort

#3. Be smart about what you wear

Do you want sexy breasts that don’t require a lot of effort? Look in your closet. For showcasing your cleavage, and creating the illusion of lift, dresses, and shirts with V-necks, plunging or sweetheart necklines work best.

This hack can be combined with other tricks to maximize its effect. These hacks may require a trip to a department store or lingerie shop, but you will see results immediately.

#4. Tape

Gaffer, sports, or specially-designed tape can lift your breasts if you don’t want to wear a bra. Do not use duct tape, no matter what you do.

Although gaffer tape can hold well, it may cause skin irritation, so sports tape is an excellent alternative. There are two methods to tape your breasts. To make deep V-neck dresses and shirts:

  1. Cut a piece of tape that extends from your bottom to your shoulder.
  2. Apply the tape from underneath your breasts.
  3. Start on the outside of your breasts and work your way inward.

You can use a long strip of tape to attach strapless, backless dresses and shirts. Start by lifting your breasts slightly.

Then, start from the bottom and apply the tape to your breasts. Next, add layers of tape, moving up until your breasts and nipples appear covered.

#5. Cutlets

Cutlets are a natural alternative to socks if you don’t like socks and want something natural. Cutlets are water-filled or silicone-filled inserts you can slip into your bra for instant fullness and cleavage.

Place one cutlet on each side of the bra towards your breasts. Place the cutlets under your breasts if you want your breasts to look bigger.

how to get perky boobs

#6. Fit yourself

According to a 2008 study, at least 80 percent of Trusted Source women were the wrong sizes. The best bra will support and lift your breasts while maintaining a flattering shape.

To find your bra size, it is important to have your bra fitted at least once per year by a professional. Most department stores and lingerie shops offer bra fittings at no charge.

Talk to your specialist about the shape of your breasts. The type of bra that you choose will depend on whether your breasts shape is symmetrical, round, or saggy.

Front-close bras can boost cleavage. Front-close bras with molded cups can bring your breasts closer together. This will give your breasts a lift and enhance your cleavage.

Balconette bras give you lift and not squish. Balconette bras lift like a push-up but don’t squish your breasts. Instead, they create more volume and dramatic cleavage.

Larger busts need support. Bras with wider straps, a wider braband, and full-coverage cups will provide the support and lift you desire.

#7. Invest in a push-up bra

A push-up bra is perfect for every breast type and should be in every closet. Push-up bras will lift your breasts and increase your cleavage.

Jezebel’s Amanda Bra: This push-up bra features a plunging neckline and is lightly padded to give you dramatic-looking cleavage.

Maidenform Women’s Love the Lift Bra: This lace push-up bra from Maidenform has a deep plunge and ample padding for a natural-looking lift to your cleavage.

Some hacks for perky breasts are not quick fixes. Instead, these are the things that you must do over a long period to see lasting results.

#8. Massage your breasts

According to anecdotal evidence, massaging your breasts can increase blood flow and stimulate collagen formation.

This could lift you by tightening your muscles and encouraging tissue growth.

  • Begin by placing one hand on top of the opposite breast.
  • Gently squeeze the area with a rhythmic pumping motion.
  • Next, slowly move your hand towards the top of your breasts.
  • Use the same pumping motion to move your hand around your breasts from the underside, outside, and inside.
  • Alternate between pumping and squeezing by gently circling your fingertips.

#9. Hydrotherapy

Another way to increase breast circulation is hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is another way to increase breast firmness.

It would be best if you did this at least once per day:

  • After you have taken a shower, turn off the water.
  • Warm water is sufficient to rinse your breasts for one minute.
  • Then, for 20 seconds, rinse your breasts with cold water.

#10. Exercises targeted

Your upper body can be strengthened by exercises that target your chest muscles. This will improve your posture and make your breasts appear larger.

Your bust will be enhanced by chest presses, plank-ups, and chest fly exercises. For a more toned look, you can use 5- to 10-pound dumbbells for each exercise.

Start by setting aside 15 to 20 minutes each day for strength training. Each exercise can be done during commercial breaks.

#11. Eat a healthy diet

Research has shown that eating a nutritious diet can help maintain healthy breast tissue. This can help keep your breasts firm and perky.

  • Eat more nuts, fish, and soybeans to increase omega-3 fatty acid levels.
  • Increase the number of avocados and eggs to increase the monounsaturated fats that promote breast tissue growth.
  • To maintain healthy tissue, consume more high-antioxidant foods, such as broccoli, cabbage, and kale.

#12. Maintain a healthy weight

Because your breasts are more prominent, a slimmer waist will enhance your bust.

To maintain a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables and exercise for 30 minutes per day for at most four days. Shapewear can enhance your bust by highlighting your natural curves.

#13. Proper posture is important

Good posture can not only keep your body in alignment, but it can also highlight your bust and give the illusion of lifting.

  • When sitting, keep your feet on the ground or a footrest.
  • Do not sit or stand in one position for too long.
  • Keep your back straight and pull your shoulders back. Bend your knees slightly.
  • The bottom line
  • You don’t need to do anything drastic to give your breasts a lift.

Instead, you can achieve the same effect with a few quick hacks. Some of these hacks, like the bra stack and breast tape, aren’t as comfortable, so they shouldn’t be done daily.

Instead, you can look at changing your diet and exercise routine to find something that lasts.

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