Pregnancy and Vaping: Is this a Beginning Of a New Journey

Vaping while pregnant 2018, is still a topic of research. Nicotine is known to narrow down the blood vessels those results in lack of oxygen and nutrients for the baby. In the meantime e cigars are incorporated with harmful chemicals that are carcinogenic. Apart from this second hand smoking is dangerous for both the mother and baby during pregnancy.

Could you resort to Vaping when you are pregnant?

There is no one who can stop you but as per experts it is better not to smoke and vape when pregnant. Vaping could lead to a number of problems leading to premature birth, problems to the placenta and nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Vaping after pregnancy could pose a lot of problems to kids that can roll on to the primitive years. So Vaping and pregnancy 2018, is a strict no at this point of time.

In the lives of a woman pregnancy is one of the major problems. But pregnancy has its own physical problems along with social changes that a woman might have to endure. There are campaigns which stress on the concept of no smoking and no drinking which in the eyes of some individuals could be a demanding situation. A once in a while cup of wine is not going to harm you in any way but it is also true that you need to follow a healthy lifestyle for both the mother and the baby during pregnancy.

In addition vaping has gone on to become a social habit and people look it at a way to socialize. For this reason it is posing to be a major health concern in case of moms to be during the tenure of pregnancy. The fact is Vamping can have adverse impact on both the mother and baby during pregnancy.

Can you go on to Vape near a pregnant woman?

In a public platform when you Vape it can harm any person. Even when it is a second hand exposure it can lead to nicotine emissions along with chemicals present in the aerosol. Though more research is called for, but unsafe levels of vapor in pregnant woman is a definite cause of concern. This could be a cause of concern where you are at a public space surrounded by second hand smokers. With it the risk of breathing problems along with health risks go on to increase in kids. When in the case of kids it can pave way for Vaping addiction.

Till date vaping is a popular concept but lack of research is a point of debate. But various organizations are putting the focus back on the government to incorporate a series of regulations. This is going to reduce the risk associated with second hand vapors.

Even quitting is hard as it can have a negative impact on both the mother and even the baby. For this reason you need to find the right kind of treatment and social support after pregnancy. This would light up the future of your little one.

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