Prolotherapy Los Angeles for Treating Chronic Pain

Prolotherapy in Los Angeles is a non-surgical treatment for stimulating natural strength and healing tendons and ligaments.

The joint pain you experience typically results from weakness or damage to ligaments and tendons that support joints, allowing you to move around freely.

Poor healing or damage due to injury can cause the joints to become weak and unstable. This is often felt as pain.

Prolotherapy Treatment Los Angeles

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Prolotherapy Los Angeles

Through Prolotherapy, Dr Kerendian can trigger a local inflammation process around damaged ligaments and tendons that boosts the flow of blood and nutrients to the areas in pain, allowing tissues to heal themselves naturally.

After just a few sessions, the patients notice a dramatic decrease in pain; in most cases, pain is completely gone from the problematic regions.

Chronic Pain

Prolotherapy offers a proactive approach to managing pain by addressing the root causes instead of merely covering up the symptoms.

By stimulating the body’s ability to heal the injured area, Prolotherapy increases strength, flexibility, and mobility, while alleviating discomfort in the affected region.

Pain is an ongoing concern to millions of Americans and causes significant disability for many of us.

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The main goal of medical treatments for pain is to decrease pain sensation and inflammation.

Cortisone, pain medication and other anti-inflammatory drugs are crucial for the short-term medical treatment for injuries. However, they have serious side effects when used as a longer-term treatment to treat chronic pain.

Although surgery for the repair of serious injuries is usually recommended, it is not the preferred treatment option to treat chronic pain until traditional methods have failed.

If it’s determined that joint replacement surgeries will be needed, Prolotherapy will not likely affect subsequent surgeries.

Who Performs Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy requires extensive training and is offered by a small number of practitioners across the United States.

The practitioners at prestigious institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and a range of hospitals that teach across the nation employ Prolotherapy as an alternative treatment for all muscle and joint injuries.

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A highly skilled doctor, such as Dr Kerendian, typically achieves an 80%-95 % success rate in removing chronic pain using Prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy Safety

Prolotherapy isn’t a brand new solution for pain. That is chronic. Medical professionals in Los Angeles like Dr Kerendian are highly trained in safely administering Prolotherapy injections.

For the last 35 years, there have not been any significant adverse negative effects from Prolotherapy reported within the United States.

The injections are safe and are mostly dextrose, so they are easily absorbed into the body in time.

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Like any modern medical procedure, there is the possibility of risk in Prolotherapy. Dr Kerendian will carefully explain the risk in his first consultation with you.

It is widely accepted that the risk associated with Prolotherapy is considerably lower than the long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

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