Simple ways to keep your body hydrated to promote weight loss

It is not always the food that we consume to help us stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. Besides, eating a balanced diet you need to heed on your water consumption throughout the day time. As per a qualified nutritionist with certification in nutritionist course in Delhi, any person can’t resolve the issue related to weight management provided they are not focussing on the main piece of the puzzle that is hydration. Fundamentally, if your body is deficient of anything that it requires to functions normally including an adequate amount of water, then chances are quite high that it won’t be supporting weight loss.

Above all, what you pick to hydrate with matters the most, and there are some of the small variations you need to make in order to increase your intake of adequate amount of fluids throughout the day which will help you accomplish your weight management targets. 

Here are some of the most recommended tips by a qualified nutritionist with certification in nutritionist course in Delhi to remember are:


There’s an old saying that when you drink ice-cold water then it immediately speed up your metabolism rate. As per the studies, it has been revealed that when you drink ice-cold water then your body needs to work a bit extra to bring the temperature of the cold water to the level of your body. However, instead of just gulping cold water straightaway and falling sick just think what is the temperature of water you usually enjoy drinking. This way you will be drinking water adequately.


When people are busy working, then they usually forget to have water. Hence, the best way to keep yourself hydrated even when you are super busy during the working hours is to keep a water bottle at your work desk as whenever you will have water every time you will see a water bottle in front of you.


Another the most common trick that is recommended by a nutritionist who has done certification in nutritionist course in Delhi is that if you are looking forward to reducing some extra pounds then try to drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before your meal time. As per the studies, it has been discovered that by drinking 1 glass of water before your mealtime actually prevents you to overeat which leads to losing more pounds during your weight-loss journey.


You will be amazed to know that both coffee and tea counts when it comes to keeping your counting on your fluid intake throughout a day. However, you need to ensure that you add fewer amounts of sugar and milk in your coffee or tea as these too add to your calorie intake. As per the research shows coffee doesn’t really parch you (the fluid counterbalances any diuretic influence of caffeine). Caffeine intake twice in a day is considered to be not bad at all.


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