Spices of India – Secret To Delicious Indian Food

India is known for its population, diverse cultures, Bollywood among several other factors. Do you know, the different flavours is that one big reason, which attracts tourists from across the globe. Be it North Indian style or Hyderabadi biryani, Kashmiri pulao or dhokla and sweets from the west, or fish cuisines from Bengal or the spicy pickles – no other nation can provide this variety! And the credit goes to our spices manufacturers India!

The secret of dishes
The underlying factor which contributes to the awesomeness of each and every dish is the colour, taste and aroma of the dish which draws you to the kitchen and then to the table! Thanks to the spices manufacturers India who drive the agricultural process and processing them after harvest, like removing their shells and drying them up for packaging or maybe taking the oil out by crushing them.

Their storage by the manufacturers is also commendable as these are both sold in the national and international markets. Not only the luxurious hotels and restaurants, but also the roadside dhabas and shacks don’t fail to delight your taste buds! Especially the paratha and butter chicken in Punjabi roadside dhabas are simply amazing.

Our moms also have a secret in their food, even though its not spicy and tangy like the fast food, without mom’s cooked dal and rice, our days are incomplete. The secret lies in the spices and their quantity! Now, let’s discuss some of these spices which are produced and sold by our premium manufacturers and exporters.

Necessity is what comes to my mind, when I mention jeera! What’s unique is its warm bitterly flavour which makes it widely used in almost every dish, especially the daily cuisines, veg or non-veg curry, dal, rice. You may fry or use its packaged powdery form available in the market.

Another kitchen essential is coriander, which is generally used alongside jeera. The small seeds add a slightly sour taste to the cuisine. You may fry this or use it by boiling it.

Turmeric has its own space in the kitchen! In every Indian household, Haldi is a must. Its strong and spicy flavour and the yellowish orange colour is what make them unique. If you have prepared your dish but it looks pale and colourless, its turmeric that you have missed out!

An oilseed which is known for its strong spicy aroma, which might bring tears to your eyes yet leave you to lick your fingers at the end of the meal. The mustard oil is widely used for frying purposes, as you may know. But for some delectable Indian cuisines, the crushed and grinded paste of mustard seeds is also in demand.

They look like small wheat kernels; however their strong aroma may overpower the taste of all others that you have put in the bowl! Their sweet yet slightly bitter taste sets them apart from all others.

Known for their eucalyptus type of aroma and flavor, this is used to add that extra edge in the dishes. Cardamoms are quite versatile because they may be used in curries as well as in sweets and lassi.

Like fenugreek they also have a strong aroma which can overpower the rest. This may be used in sweets as well as in dal, curry and other cuisines.

So, to delight your guests on the table ensure that you include all these spices in your dishes. Make sure that you buy from premium spices manufacturers India so that you get the best quality spices in the market.

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