Suggestions for Better Caring for Adult Circumcision Surgery

Many doctors must have told you how to prepare for an operation. How to get ready for the surgical procedure? What type of precisions to take before it? Then what should be the behavior during the procedure and especially how to take care after the whole surgery?

Particularly when you are going to have Adult Circumcision Surgery care is needed. In this type of surgery, the extra extended skin on the tip of the penis is removed to make it visible. There are several techniques that are used for this performance of surgery. But complications can develop if care is not taken after the operation.

Threats after Adult Circumcision Surgery

Surgeons have a moral duty to inform the patients about the potential threats that they can face after the operation. Although these dangers are not very complicated the intensity can increase if proper care is not taken. Be very careful of these threats;

Problems of the Foreskin

Sometimes surgeons are not cautious when cutting the foreskin. So it may happen that the skin is either cut in small amount or a lot of it is removed. It looks very awkward and ugly and can’t come back to the original position.

Wounds are not restored

On several occasions, the incision wounds are not healing properly or it is taking more than usual time to mend back. There are many reasons like using blood thinning medication or substance abuse. Whatever the cause is the patients are in danger of losing a lot of blood as a result of untreated wounds.

Harm to the Penis

During a surgical procedure when a surgeon is not being careful; the penis can be damaged. The blood vessels, tissue and the surrounding area of the penis can suffer injury as surgeons can be careless while operating. It can be the result of infection of the operated organ.

What to do Before Surgery?

There are certain things that you can do pre-operation of adult circumcision which can be very helpful in the post period of the surgery.

  1. Stop taking the blood thinning medications but as per the surgeon’s
  2. Inform the surgeon about any allergies or other serious medical conditions.
  3. Not intake of food and liquid 12 hours prior to the operation.
  4. You can take a bath earlier that day.
  5. If you have an attendant with you then it is best because he/ she has to listen to the instructions of how to take care of the patient.

Suggestions for Better Care

It is vital that whatever the surgeon advises you to do; it is important that you follow each and every point from the beginning till the end. This will ensure a greater opportunity of healing of the operated penis. All of the clinics that conduct this procedure including Circumcision Center provide the below-mentioned suggestions by which you can take care of yourself in a better manner.

Healthy Daily Routine

It is obvious that you get tired after the adult circumcision like any other operation. So the best thing to do is get plenty of rest to lower the level of fatigue. Walk a few steps each day and slowly increase the quantity by each passing day. After the bandage is removed; you can feel free to take a bath but make sure that the penis area is completely dry.

Avoid Self-Medication

The crucial mistake that patients make is taking medicines on their own. They don’t feel comfortable in taking the medicines recommended by the surgeon and this can be the result of many complications as the remedy may not suit you.

Intake of Well Balanced Diet

Although no difference occurs in the digestive system of the patient and can take regular food. But sometimes it becomes difficult for the stomach to digest food so the light type of food can be consumed. Also, remember to drink fluids on abundance for the normal healing process.

Caring for Operated Organ

The doctor can give different instructions to patients depending on the condition of the operated penis. But most advisers are the same as clean the penis and the surrounding area properly; apply petroleum jelly to keep it soft and the surgeon will tell you how often you have to change the dressing.

No Exerting Work

As discussed earlier little walking is necessary but there is no need to start running or doing exercise immediately after the surgery. You can continue your daily routine after 3-4 weeks of the operation.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Loss fitted clothes and underwear must be part of the dressing during the first few weeks after the surgical procedure. The loosely fitted dressing will allow air to pass through and will speed up the recovery time.

Regular Check-ups

This is the most important part of post-surgical care because the regular checkups can determine if there is any reason for developing complications that are discussed above after Adult Circumcision Surgery. So when you are taking good care of the penis after the surgery then you can avoid several difficulties.

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