What Happens If You Swallow Vape Smoke?

Swallow Vape Smoke

People who vape in places they are not supposed to are fond of swallowing the vape smoke. It may have happened to you a couple of times, and maybe you got worried that something terrible would happen to you.

This is the time to clear the air and give every reader insight into what happens when you swallow this smoke. Technically, who should exhale vape smoke after taking a “puff?”

Because of various circumstances, people sometimes swallow the smoke instead. Common reasons include:

Swallowing Vape Smoke

  • Vaping in public places
  • Vaping at the workplace
  • A weird addiction
  • Curiosity to try new things

Once this happens, many things could happen to your body. But the extent of the effect depends on many reasons that we will see right here.

Effects of Swallowing Vape Smoke

Many of us have heard that vape smoke contains toxins due to the presence of nicotine. If using it in a standard way does more harm to the body than good, what about swallowing the smoke? Many people consider this a stupid idea, regardless of its reason.

The extent of harm from swallowing vape smoke depends on the strength of the nicotine in the vape juice that you use. If you talk to experienced vape sellers on their official site, they will discourage swallowing the vape smoke.

After all, exhaling is more fun because you can try fancy tricks. To keep you informed, let us look at the effects of swallowing smoke on your body.

Effects of Swallowing Vape Smoke

#1. Irritating your stomach

Extreme nicotine levels can irritate your stomach immediately and cause diarrhea. In addition, many people have confirmed that swallowing vape smoke makes them irritate their internal organs to the extent of requiring medical attention.

It could lead to vomiting, especially if the flavors do not get along well with your body.

#2. Cancer risks

Normal vaping exposes users to the risk of cancer. When you swallow the smoke and the toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream, your inner organs and entire body get exposed to cancer risks.

The smoke contains toxins, and the majority are supposed to be exhaled, so swallowing increases the number of toxins getting into the body.

#3. It weakens your heart

If you are fond of swallowing vape smoke, it is time you learned that it weakens your heart. You can tell when you can no longer take a flight of stairs or focus on your cardio effectively.

Research shows that people exposed to vape smoke have a higher chance of having a heart attack than those who do not. So based on this argument, swallowing the smoke is even more dangerous.


Swallowing vape smoke is not yet a regular habit. If people realize what you have been doing, they will be shocked. It’s no wonder why many people do it in hiding.

Apart from this, the insights above have revealed that it has some health effects on the body.

Luckily, you now know more about this habit, and it is time to make the right decision about it.

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