Who are Coptfold Dental?

Coptfold Dental is a Dentist Brentwood who have long since supported their local community in all their dental needs. Coptfold Dental was established over 50 years ago and has been providing high-quality dental treatment since then.

A highly motivated team is onsite to provide the best service possible to all patients who are seeking dental care. There are many reasons why patients may need dental care and support, this practice can be there for all of these reasons.

Coptfold Dental strive and work to give high quality, modern treatments all in a comfortable and welcoming environment that is fit to deliver the services that they need. Patients can use this practice to give them the support and care for their smile that they need and require. This article will run through what treatments patients could benefit from as well as why patients should consider this practice for their dental needs.

What treatments are on offer?

There are numerous treatments that patients could take advantage of at Dentist Brentwood. There are five main areas of treatments that patients could consider when they need dental treatments. General Treatments are on offer which can supply Emergency Dental Care to patients who need help and they need it quickly. Extractions & Oral Surgery, Sedation and Nervous Patients, Crowns and Root Canal Therapy are also available. Preventative

Dentistry is important to ensure healthy teeth, this can include Dental Hygiene, Sensitive Teeth and Children’s Teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry can allow patients to reconstruct their smile, this can include White Fillings, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Braces and Invisible Braces.

Missing Teeth can be combated with Bridges, Dental Implants, Smile Rehabilitation, Dentures and Denture Stabilisation. The final area includes Facial Aesthetics where Anti-Wrinkle Treatments and Dermal Fillers can be used to improve the appearance of the skin.

Patients should read onto the next section to discover why they should consider this practice for their dental needs.

Why should I consider your practice?

Patients should consider this practice because it’s important to regularly see a dentist to ensure that oral health is held at its peak. New patients are welcome at this practice and can have access to a new patient appointment.

Within this new patient appointment then they have access to a 30 minutes appointment where patients can discuss their needs and what goals they have for their smile. Patients will undergo an extensive assessment of the teeth, the gums, the jaw and the bite to see where work could be undergone to improve their smile.

X-Rays & Oral cancer screenings are available to ensure that a thorough screening of the mouth is completed to ensure patients get the best care. Patients can then work with their dentist to devise a treatment plan that works best for their smile as well as their goals for their smile.

If a patient thinks that they could benefit from this practice then they should consider getting in touch with the practice to determine what could be done for their smile. Coptfold Dental will always strive to work hard to ensure that patients get the help that they need and deserve.

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