How to lose 20 pounds in a week

Are you tired of the extra fat on your body? Do you think it is time you start taking healthy lifestyle seriously? Do you want to focus on losing weight now completely?

You can’t bear looking at those models with perfect hourglass figures on your TV. Your motivation level is more than perfect at the moment. If you feel so, we are going to give you the best weight loss guide and you will be able to lose around 20 pounds within a week’s time!

It will only be possible if you are willing to adopt new habits, a different lifestyle, and an active workout regimen. While most people emphasize on exercise as the most important weight loss factor, we will disagree with that. It’s the diet that is of paramount importance when it comes to maintaining healthy body weight. We cannot deny the fact that it can be really testing to change your eating habits. But if you have decided to lose weight, you will have to make certain sacrifices. Stay motivated and stay strong!

Stay More and More Hydrated

When it comes to reducing weight, increasing the intake of water is very important. Research indicates that drinking more water can enhance weight reduction by stimulating and increasing digestion. Drinking water before a meal will help you consume lesser calories and will make you feel fuller. If you drink plenty of water with dinner, you will feel fuller and your hunger will be diminished. The craving for late-night snacking will also be controlled. Drink almost 1 to 2 liters of water on a daily basis.

Augment Your Protein Intake

You need to shift to a protein-rich diet. In your 20-pound shedding plans, you need to consume more proteins essentially. A high-protein diet is reported to diminish tummy fat, better digestion, and fast weight reduction. Proteins can also help in diminishing cravings and declining calorie admission. If you have a protein-rich breakfast, you will feel fuller for a longer time. The release of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, is also diminished. Some great options are fish, eggs, lean meat, veggies, nuts, seeds, and so on. To make your diet richer in proteins, add these to your meals.

Keep a Close Calories Check

Does it look like an easy decision? Well, it’s not! But, it sure is one of the most effective tips to a healthy weight loss. You will have to lessen your intake or increase your physical activity in order to lower the calorie intake. When it comes to weight reduction, checking the calorie count combined with healthy eating and a nice workout regimen will work the best. When you start to monitor your calorie intake, you start paying more attention to what you put on your plate.

Cut Down On Carb Consumption

Another valuable tip to quicken the reduction of your weight is to diminish the admission of refined carbohydrates. They are deprived of their fiber and supplement content while they are prepared. Refined carbs also have a very high glycemic record. This means they are rapidly assimilated because they are processed.

People who devour high quantities of refined carbs tend to have an expanded muscle-fat ratio. They are also more inclined to weight gain. If you are planning to shed as many as 20 pounds in a week, you need to cut carbs essentially. Start consuming dark-hued rice/grain, quinoa, and couscous in place of pasta, oats, and white bread.

Lift Weights

Have you heard about resistance training? When it comes to workout, we tend to ignore it. A kind of workout that involves lifting and training against power. It helps to expand muscle perseverance and quality. According to an audit, the findings of 10 weeks indicated that resistance training has enhanced digestion by 7%. This can be a real game changer for you. You can begin with simple practices like squats, rushes, and boards. Simply switch to resistance training from Pilates or Yoga or whichever workout regimen you are following currently.

Consume More Fiber

Do you know that fiber moves rather gradually as well as undigested through the gastrointestinal tract?  Bit takes its time to empty the stomach and keeps you full for a longer time. Studies indicate that consuming more insoluble fiber, typically found in veggies and wheat helps in diminishing appetite and craving. Fiber-rich foods boost satiety. They greatly help in controlling weight. Try to add more fiber-rich foods to your diet.

Once you adopt these healthy habits, you can reduce as much weight as you desire. Good luck to shedding weight naturally.

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