Fitness Trackers for Sleep

The 8 Best Fitness Trackers for Sleep Tracking

Maximize your sleep potential with the 8 top fitness trackers featuring advanced sleep tracking capabilities. Your path to better sleep starts here.

Sleep tracking isn’t the same as it was in the past. An issue, and that’s a great thing. Many agree that restful sleep does your body and mind good; however, aside from how you feel, how can you tell the quality of your sleep time you were knocked out?

Today it’s easy to locate a fitness tracker or wearable that tracks the quality of your sleep using different sensors.

8 Best Fitness Trackers for Sleep

Discover the leading 8 fitness trackers for sleep tracking. Enjoy improved sleep and seize each day with vigor.

They’re constantly improving how they measure sleep and often give you more than a basic sleep score.

This is why these devices differ in their sophistication and focus, allowing you to decide which one is best for you and the amount of time you have with your eyes shut.

#1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung has been working toward better sleep tracking for decades with its smartwatches. However, it seems that the Galaxy Watch 5 offers this brand’s complete set of features to date.

The watch comes with the SpO2 sensor that measures blood oxygen levels and the latest skin temperature sensor to check if you’re cooler or colder than you normally do.

The device can detect snoring. This could be even more significant for your partner if they stay up all night.

The Sleep Score in Samsung Health Samsung Health app lays it out for you in detail, and if you need to, you could opt for a month-long sleep coaching program to determine the amount of rest you’re receiving.

#2. Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

The fact that it’s the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat lies beneath your mattress says much about what it can track when you’re sleeping.

It covers the fundamentals such as sleep quality and heart rate, snoring, sleep cycles, and much more. It also monitors breathing patterns to detect any anomalies, like sleep apnea.

This will give you an idea of how healthy or bad your sleeping habits are. While it’s not an instrument for medical use, the information it collects could prove helpful in conversations with a physician to understand the way you sleep.

Additionally, it’s an excellent alternative for those who prefer not to wear anything when you’re asleep.

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#3. Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit has poured more money into improving sleep tracking for every tracker, but it seems that the Fitbit Charge 5 is currently the most important of all possible options.

The most impressive thing is that Fitbit will also update its trackers once they’ve launched them, and that’s the point where it is where the Sleep Profile comes in.

You will need an account with a premium subscription to access it. Once logged there, it will analyze your sleeping patterns over a month and inform you what specific aspect of your sleeping could benefit from improvement.

It will even assign you a “Sleep Animal” to indicate which animal kingdom best suits your sleeping habits.

The guideline in the profile provides suggestions on what is possible to do to help you sleep better each night.

#4. Whoop! 4.0

It’s the Whoop 4.0 isn’t the device you’re looking for if your requirements aren’t very basic. It’s a sophisticated tracking device that can do quite a bit to inform you how active you are.

If you’re like me, you might be pleased with how it manages your sleep too. The data of Whoop integrates your activity and rest patterns to show that your body can take a jolt or when it’s the right time to slow down and allow it to catch up.

A haptic alarm could gently wake you when you’re awake. Once you’re awake, you’ll probably grab your smartphone to check your score for recovery.

The catch is that you must sign up to access each function that makes this device worth your money.

#5. Oura Ring

Oura Ring

“Put a ring on it is a whole new concept about everything that the Oura Ring is supposed to monitor.

It tracks all activities. However, its true value lies in the ability to work even while you’re asleep.

When you’re asleep, it tracks your body’s heart rate, your heart frequency variability, temperature movements at night, and your overall quality of sleep.

It analyzes that information to provide you with an average score and an indicator of your readiness for the next day.

There’s also a guideline component of the sleep tracking program that will help you determine when it is ideal for falling asleep and tips on how to make the most of your time in bed.

#6. Interaxon Muse S (Gen 2)

Interaxon Muse S

Its Muse S (Gen 2) has two functions when it comes to sleeping. It will first help to ease you into sleep by using the method that Interaxon refers to as “Digital Sleeping Pills,” meaning you’re not relying on prescription drugs.

Additionally, it will inform you how effective that time was actually.

The headband design is all fabric, save for the module at the front, which is a tracker monitoring your brain activity via electroencephalography (EEG) to provide the data you’ll want to see when you wake up every morning.

The device will give you an overall sleep score and also information about how you’re sleeping and any improvements you’re making in improving your sleep.

#7. Garmin Venu Sq

Garmin has a range of fitness trackers and smartwatches, including its Garmin Venu Sq in the middle.

It can monitor your activities throughout the day and when it comes to sleeping, and it has some of the features you’d normally discover in Garmin’s wearable.

One of the most distinctive features can be The Body Battery meter, which integrates heart rate variation, active time and sleep quality to gauge your energy level.

Sleep monitoring includes breathing and blood oxygen monitoring, menstrual cycle monitoring and pregnancy feedback for women who want to track their symptoms and monitor any baby movement.

#8. Amazfit Band 5 Active Tracker

Sleep tracking with a tight budget is possible with the Amazfit Band 5. Although it’s not as sophisticated or as extensive as other more costly options, it offers lots of options.

It has standard tracking metrics to go with a total sleep score, like breathing rate. It can measure blood oxygen levels, which is awesome, but equally impressive is the nap feature that tracks the short periods of shut-eye that last a minimum of 20 minutes.

This Band 5 doesn’t show any data; you must go to the application to see how everything develops.

Once you’re there, it’ll give you an insight into how you’ve been sleeping and what you can improve your sleep.

If it’s time to go to bed for a sleep

Sleep tracking technology continues to improve, which is good for everyone, regardless of whether you think you’re sleeping comfortably.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 represents another initiative from Samsung to offer one of the most detailed and thorough assessments you’ll get from any wearable.

The sensors in the Galaxy Watch 5 work together to achieve that as you use it all night long.

Its Withings Sleep Tracking Mat doesn’t force you to wear anything if that’s your choice. It isn’t able to monitor things like your temperature or blood oxygen. However, it keeps track of breathing and heart rate in ways other devices cannot handle daily.

If you encounter a piece of technology, you can easiluseof at home, which could alert you to the possibility of sleep apnea. As a warning system for early detection, it’s almost an investment in your future health.

The Fitbit Charge 5 is a well-known fitness tracker, and this is where the brand’s sleep tracking is at the forefront.

What other device can assign animals to your profiles which closely match your sleeping habits?

As a bonus, this Sleep Profile was designed to give a more comprehensive overview of your sleeping patterns, even when you cannot pinpoint why your circadian rhythm is what it is.

The profile’s data will help you better understand your sleep quality and will likely increase in value over time.

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