Annual Physical Exam Checklist

4 Reasons to Have Annual Physical Exams

There is nothing in this world more important than our health. This is why it is always important to have regular Annual Physical Exams.

You may think that there is no need to visit a doctor because you feel healthy and fit. The truth is that regardless of how well you feel, annual physical checkups are still very much necessary.

As children and teens, we have those types of exams more often, but once we become adults, we seldom remember to visit a doctor to make sure that everything is truly well.

What is the Annual Physical Examination

Annual Physical Exam ICD 10

An annual physical exam is a visit to your doctor every year to ensure that your health is good and you don’t have any problems.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 4 reasons why going to annual physical exams is important.

Annual Physical Exam Cost

An annual physical is a checkup that your body undergoes every year to ensure you are healthy. Many schools and jobs require these exams. The average cost for a physical exam without insurance is $50 to $200.

4 Reasons to Have Annual Physical Exams

What is Annual Physical Examination

#1. To assess your overall health and to learn what’s normal for you

The first reason annual physical checkups are important is to learn what’s normal for you and your body. Running different kinds of tests can help you establish your health baseline.

These exams give you and your physician insight into your current health condition and potential health risks.

So, what has been happening with your body and health from that first checkup until the one next year, is what will help your doctor establish your health baseline.

During these exams, who will measure your vital signs, meaning your heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight, temperature, and lung signs?

Based on these measurements, the physician will tell you what you need to change in your lifestyle, which medication you should take, and advice regarding your health.

#2. Prevention, prevention, prevention

Annual physical exams are important for prevention. Some of the worst illnesses and conditions are asymptomatic, so you won’t feel any different, but your health will be declining.

This is one of the biggest reasons why annual checkups are crucial. Early detection of any disease can save your life! Going to annual physical exams offers you the opportunity to do screenings that can help detect any health problem you may have, regardless of how big or small.

These screenings can check for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, cancers, osteoporosis, and even sexually transmitted diseases.

During the annual exams, they will also check to see if your vaccinations are up to date and, if need be, give you a shot. The vaccines that need to be kept current include flu, hepatitis A and B, pneumonia, tuberculosis, HPV, and others.

#3. To test you and treat you if needed

During these exams, you can tell your doctor if you are concerned about some medical issues, suspect something, or have some symptoms. The doctor can then tell you to do certain tests.

These tests can show if you’ve been silently suffering from a certain condition. A doctor may order an EKG test if they suspect you have problems with your heart.

If they suspect any brain conditions, they will order an MRI or CT, and even PET scans. Allergy test if you or they suspect you have allergy problems.

Specific blood and urine tests can also help your doctor determine what’s wrong or what might be wrong with your health. X-ray scans are usually used to detect bones and joints or internal organs and soft tissue problems.

Once these tests are made, the physician will give you the right therapy to treat the issue.

#4. To build a relationship with your doctor

And last but certainly not least, annual exams serve as a way to build a relationship with your physician.

Maybe you’re perfectly healthy, and there are no problems, still visiting your doctor and having one-on-one time with them will allow you to build trust between you two, connect and be free to ask any questions regarding your well-being.

During this kind of visit, also known as a wellness visit, your doctor will get to know you better and the kind of lifestyle you lead. They will give you advice on how to stay healthy.

These annual physical exams are extremely important, and more people should learn to take them.

And remember, just because you don’t have any symptoms doesn’t mean that you’re perfectly healthy. Some of the most serious illnesses are asymptomatic. That’s why annual visits to your physician are so important.

In many health issues, prevention and early detection are crucial, and that’s the point of these checkups.

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