Create Mentally Healthier Workplace

How to Create a Mentally Healthier Workplace During COVID-19

The global pandemic is taking its toll on us all. Hence mental health has become one of the most discussed subjects. Suddenly, changing the way we used to live and work certainly wasn’t easy, which affected our well-being.

That’s why we need to be extremely cautious about our mental health and need to Create Healthier Workplace During COVID-19But what about our jobs? Since the pandemic started, many people have changed the way they work.

Constantly wearing a mask, disinfecting your table and hands, and avoiding close social contact can be exhausting. But, on the other hand, working from home can make you feel isolated and alone.

5 Ways to Create a Mentally Healthier Workplace

Both have adverse effects on your mental health. So, how can you create a mentally healthier workplace?

Create a Mentally Healthier Workplace During COVID-19

#1. Break the stigma

Talking about mental health is vital, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Many people struggle to adjust to the new every day and have trouble taking care of their mental health while under pressure and stress.

That’s why you need to take charge and break the stigma about mental well-being. How can you do so? Instead of ignoring the problem, acknowledge it.

Look out for severe stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms, and talk to your colleagues about it. Try to create a safe space where they will be free to discuss their problems.

Also, you may implement a “Mental Health Monday” in your calendars and have a more relaxing atmosphere in the workplace.

#2. Offer flexibility

As COVID-19 brings us a lot of uncertainty, we need to expect that the circumstances can change at any minute. But unfortunately, living in anticipation can extremely negatively influence mental health, especially during work.

That’s why you need to notice potential changes and accept them to adapt. Nobody says it will be easy. You’ll have to struggle to keep your business running.

However, in this process, you mustn’t forget about your employees. Frequent changes can induce severe anxiety. Therefore, you need to try to understand the way they are feeling. Offer them some flexibility.

Reconsider work policies and adapt them to your workers. For example, consider including flexible hours and leaving early on Fridays to keep your co-workers sane.

#3. Promote work-life balance

Neglecting work-life balance may seem like you’re doing what’s best for the company. However, constant work stress, late-night calls, and emails can hurt your company in the long run.

Imagine not being able to rest from work even when you arrive home! What is your role there? To maintain your employees’ mental health on a higher level, forbid work once they leave the premises.

They have every right to rest or enjoy their hobbies once they finish work. However, remember that work-life balance is crucial for mental health and well-being.

#4. Allow them to take stress outside.

Is there a better way to reduce stress than breathing in some fresh air? Instead of the concrete around your premises, consider creating a green oasis where your employees can rest while they are on break. Why would you need a garden?

Besides the aesthetical purposes, gardening has many benefits for mental and physical health. If your employees indulge in this activity, they will relieve the stress and have a chance to spend some time outdoors.

Don’t forget to provide them with the necessary equipment, such as a garden hose reel they can use to water their herbs and plants. Taking care of plants as a team can be a magnificent team-building activity that teaches patience, teamwork, and organization.

#5. Implement a relaxing break room

While the stress from COVID-19 is increasing, you need to allow your employees frequent breaks so they can recharge and get back to work. But, unfortunately, sometimes the weather outside won’t be suitable for a friendly chat in the garden. That’s why you need to create a breakroom.

Implement a cozy seating area to recharge your team during the breaks properly. Ensure that there is enough distance between the chairs to keep your employees safe from the Coronavirus. In addition, this type of socialization will keep your employees happier and in a better mood.


As you can see, mental health is a crucial subject that is nowhere near enough discussed in the workplace. Your employees love to feel valued and cared for, and that’s why you need to create an atmosphere where they can feel safe, even if the circumstances are stressful.

By following these steps, you’ll create a mentally healthier workplace you and your employees can enjoy one step at a time.

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