How to Do Vibration Training at Home

Isn’t it nice to work out at home? No heavy crowds to avoid, no expensive membership fees to pay, and no annoying sounds coming from other people. In your own home, whichever part of your house or apartment you are, your space is your own. Here, you get to truly concentrate on getting fitter and healthier. There are no snapping phone cameras to distract your exercising. Nor will there be any fitness trainers trying to get you to sign up for their own regimens. Nope, in your home, you’re the boss of your own body, mind, and environment.

Fortunately, there are loads of exercises and easy machines to equip your home with. One of them is a vibrating plate. Vibration training is an effective and easy exercise that will do your body (and mind) good. Often, it’s even better than your standard gym equipment. But how do you properly take on vibration training? Here are a few steps to consider.

Ensure Enough Space

A vibration machine might seem like your ordinary compact equipment, but how you deal with it requires space. If you’re doing vibration therapy, which is spending time on the machine instead of pairing it with other exercises, then your space won’t be an issue. But vibration training is a kind of work-out that needs ample legroom. So whichever part of your home you make your fitness area, make sure you have enough space. You’ll need it for doing many physical activities, from wide lunges and jumping jacks to even doing some yoga poses.

Prepare Your Mind

Though vibration training is relatively simple, it’s not as easy as you think. At least, with your first time. While you have control over your own body, using a vibrating plate might take some getting used to. At times you’ll tumble. You’ll fall off and find it difficult to get back up on the machine again. Or you’ll lose your balance and, in turn, lose your focus. Don’t let these ordinary mistakes stress you out. Just keep that goal of a fitter and healthier you right smack in the center of your mind. As long as you’re focused, you can do no wrong. Even with vibration training.

Start Slowly

Similarly to how you shouldn’t go for the heaviest weights when bodybuilding for the first time, vibration training requires patience. Do everything slowly, from the way you handle the vibrating surface to the exercises you pair it with. In due time, you’ll get the hang of working out with such a machine. But for now, as a beginner, have the humility to start slowly but surely. When you do lunges, for instance, don’t just drop as if you’re doing it on a straight plateau floor. if you do, you’ll surely fall off, possibly leading to accidents that might hinder your fitness regime. Don’t make this mistake and just start slowly.

Get Into The Rhythm

This may sound cliche, but you have to be one with the machine. It’s only when you develop a harmonious relationship with your vibration plate that you really get the hang of vibration training. Yes, it will be difficult at first. It might even take a few sessions for you to get into the rhythm. But when you finally do, everything will seem easy as pie. This is where the actual simplicity of the exercise really shines through. As long as you in rhythm with the vibrations from the machine, no matter what you’re doing on it, you’ll be fine!

Take Your Breaks Too

Just because vibration training is a relatively easy exercise, doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to breaks. Even when you’re just doing vibration therapy, you must take a break from your machine every once in a while. Getting too used to all that vibrating might backfire on your health. As with everything in life, especially with your body, do it in moderation. Even if it’s getting you the physical (and hopefully mental and spiritual too) benefits that you like, it pays to get off the machine every once in a while. Only when you do it in moderation, will you really feel as good as new!

Eat Healthily

It can’t be stressed enough that the kitchen is just as important as the gym. When you have a great diet to pair your vibration training with, the effectiveness of the exercise will surely double. Maybe even triple! Bad foods won’t deal with the vibrations of this training. Especially if you haven’t gotten into the rhythm of the machine yet. Most likely, once you step on the machine with a tummy full of sugar, acid, and all the bad stuff, a trip to the toilet is what’s coming to you! Just always remember: eat healthily!

Don’t Take It for Granted

Similarly, as with everything in life, don’t take vibration training for granted neither. Just because you’ve gotten the hang of it and you did more in one session than the other doesn’t mean you have to slag off. This isn’t exactly taking a break. It’s being lazy. There are limits to what you can and should do with vibration training. For example, lifting weights while on the vibration machine is a definite no-no! No matter how in-rhythm you are with your machine, the moment you involve heavy equipment into the mix, things can only go south from there!

Do It Consistently

And finally, the golden rule of fitness: do it consistently! It essentially part of ‘not taking it for granted’ but this deserves its own special mention. No matter how well you do in one session, if you’re consistent with your vibration training, your body won’t go anywhere. It’ll stay in the same state as when you started the fitness regime. Sure, the vibrations themselves benefit your body, which is why vibration therapy is also a good fitness regime. But with training, you’ll get your results faster and they’re more defined. As long as you’re consistent with your vibration training, your dream body is just another vibration away!

Vibration training is easy and effective. Just follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be fine! Good luck on getting that fitter and healthier you!

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