Looking for a new dental practice? Top 5 tips on what to look out for in a family dental surgery

Did you know that 1 in 10 people in the UK are not registered with a dental surgery?

According to the Office of National Statistics, only 51.4% of the adult population visit their dental practice biannually for a check-up and around 58.6% of children in the UK attend check-ups regularly!

That equates to a lot of teeth not being examined and could lead to a lot of issues further down the line.

Being registered with a dental practice is not only a wise idea for families, it is essential for maintaining oral health and can prevent secondary health issues from occurring, like heart disease and diabetes.

But what should families search for when choosing the most suitable dentist in Liverpool? The British Dental Association can help answer that!

Open communication

Of course, open communication is a two-way street in healthcare; no telling fibs about how many times you brush your teeth each day!

When looking for a suitable dentist in Liverpool, be sure to choose one who is able to communicate without jargon or medical terms; dentistry is very technical and if a pending dental technician only speaks in words with 6 or more syllables, move on! No one needs that kind of headache at a check-up!

Emergency dentistry

No one wants a dental emergency but it is better for peace of mind to know that the option for emergency treatment is there if needed.

Choose a surgery that offers same day emergency appointments; nothing is worse than waiting days with a toothache, so make sure that any surgery you choose can offer you same day treatment.

Nervous patient sedation dentistry

Scared of attending that scheduled check-up? You aren’t alone!

More than 70% of all dental patients report feeling anxious before and during routine dental work, which puts that earlier statistic of 51.4% into perspective!

Ask your dental team about sedation dentistry or distraction techniques that they are happy to use during your visit. Dental practitioners are now accepted as being much more compassionate than previously thought and are happy to offer distractions and sedation options.

Many surgeries offer both intravenous and pill-based sedation options to extremely nervous patients but both come with risks, so are only reserved for truly phobic patients.

High reviews

Reviews are a great way of assessing a dental surgery’s approach to patients.

A quick internet search provides an easy way to check the credentials and experiences of previous and current patients of a dental practice, without needing a visit to the dental chair.

It also enables potential patients the option to explore any specific elements that they may need, such as sedation dentistry or even cosmetic options.

Childhood dentistry

Children commonly have different dental issues to adults, so when looking for a family dentist, explore childhood dentistry options.

Modern dental surgeries are typically able to offer children fluoride sealants to protect their teeth against decay, while also offering additional preventive options, like brace assessments and initial check-ups for infants around the age of 12 months.

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