Sesame Seeds: Healthy and Tasty For Indian Masalas

Sesame seeds or Tilare one of the oldest flowering plant which produce oil and are widely grown in Sub-Saharan Africa while fewer production of sesame is seen in India. These seeds may look small and tiny but possess heavy medicinal and nutritional values. This oil-seed is known to be used widely in households for its amazing health benefits.

History and origin
Sesame seeds are known to be the world’s ancient food on earth. They were also traded for gold in the middle ages. These are generally available in black and white, both having their own significance. They also have been widely attached to our Hindu Mythology and considered to be a favorite of Lord Vishnu and is offered in various Hindu rituals and is an integral part of the Hindu last rite ritual.

Health benefits
Known to be a rich source of carbohydrates, fat and protein, let us look at the various nutritional properties of these tiny black and white sesame oil-seeds.

  • Helps in maintaining blood pressure
  • Good for diabetic patients
  • Rich in protein – It is perfect for veg dishes where you can sprinkle them on your salads, snacks and noodles
  • Known to cure anemia because it is rich in iron
  • Improves digestion
  • Good for cardiovascular patients
  • Controls cholestrol
  • Improves digestion
  • Fights respiratory problems
  • Treats arthritis and joint pains
  • Known to improve skin and hair texture
  • It is known to nullify the harmful effects of alcohol by decomposing the harmful substances in alcohol, thus not allowing liver damage

Features and Facts
Black sesame seeds are known to have more iron compared to the white or brown ones. Seasame seeds are known to have the highest oil content among all other seeds. These are consumed best when they are roasted under low temperatures for few minutes for the nutty flavor. They can be consumed in raw form or dried or maybe roasted and then fried to sprinkle them over the snacks and noodles. The black ones are known to contain 60% more calcium than the white ones and have a strong aroma which makes them widely used in medicines.

Have you heard of Tahini? It’s a paste prepared by mixing and grinding dry and roasted sesame with olive – one of the popular dips in the Middle Eastern region. Sesame is widely used in margarine production in Europe.

Dishes you may try with Sesame Seeds
You may use sesame seeds in roasted or dried form. Some dishes you may try with sesame are as below:

  • Sweets – Tilkaladdu, tilka barfi and Tilkachikki are some well-known sweets made from sesame. Often jiggery is added to these sweets which enhance the flavor!
  • Chicken dishes – You may add roasted sesame seeds to your chicken dish or may also use sesame oil to prepare the amazing lip smacking chicken dish. You may sprinkle them on the chicken salad as well!
  • Veg delicacies – Simply add roasted or dry sesame seeds and stir your veggie delight! These small seeds will do their job of adding both taste and nutrition. Sweet potatoes when cooked with sesame is really delicious!

Make sure you store the sesame seeds in airtight containers to retain their freshness. Since they are oil producing seeds, it is better to buy them in small quantity as they become rancid! Also, do check that it’s from a premium manufacturer, so that you get the best quality of sesame seeds. The premium sesame manufacturers and exporters will always ensure that the quality is met along with packaging so that the fresh aroma and flavor is retained from the fields!

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