Can I afford to get dental implants in Richmond?

The short answer is yes, yes you can. There are many excellent dental services in and around Richmond. But finding one that puts you at ease, helps you restore your smile and is easy on your pocket can be a challenge to find.

When looking for a dentist and a good team to help you with your missing tooth or teeth, you should find people that are excellent in what they do. Fitting dental implants in Richmond while offering you an affordable price should be part of their service.

When looking for a dentist to analyse your gums and teeth, try to make a booking for a consultation. At your consultation, sit down with the team and chat to them about your concerns, expectations and your financial situation.

Time with the dentist or his/her team allows you to see if they have finance options and what is expected from you as part of the treatment plan. Money concerns are real; be upfront with your dentist and see what plans are in place to help you.

Why should I get dental implants?

Imagine this; you trip and fall down the stairs at work, to stand up and realise that a tooth of yours has been left on the ground! Or imagine attending a friend’s birthday dinner and while tucking into a delicious steak, you stare in horror as two teeth fall out.

Or perhaps you’ve watched for years as teeth keep falling out of your mouth, and you just don’t have the money to fill the gaps.

Whatever the reasons, once one or several teeth are missing, life changes. With a gummy smile, you may now feel more embarrassed or hide your mouth every time you smile, laugh or talk. You may also find it more challenging to eat food that was once easy to enjoy when you had a full set of teeth.

Over time, missing teeth cause problems in the mouth. The remaining teeth may shift because of the gap, meaning your facial features could also be affected. To rectify this movement in the mouth, it could mean more money and more procedures will be needed.

A simple consultation with a dentist about getting dental implants, (the replacement of tooth roots) in Richmond could save you time, money and energy. 

I’ve decided to get dental implants: what is the process?

At your consultation with the dentist or nurse, they will be able to analyse if your gums and jawbone are in good shape to receive an implant or several implants. If not, then they will advise you differently. You will be given a few options of what works for your situation.

During surgery, the dentist will insert a titanium implant into the gap area. If you have any questions about this procedure, make sure to chat with your dentist.

After inserting the implants, the next period is important as your bone needs to fuse with the new implant. Once this is done, a crown is added.

And don’t worry, your dentist will make sure to match the colour of your ‘new tooth’ with the rest of your teeth! You’ll know your dentist has done a good job when your crown looks like it’s been in your mouth for years!

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