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In that moment when a dental practitioner tells you that you need teeth straightening treatment, a lot of things may pop into your head. Will it be expensive? How much time will it take? However, a more frequent question often comes up. Will it be noticeable?

Many people delay getting orthodontic treatment because they feel self-conscious about having an appliance permanently attached to their teeth where everyone can see it.

Traditional treatments are not subtle and often have metallic-colored appliances that stay in your mouth for up to two years, making people feel self-conscious about smiling, eating, and sometimes even just conversing in public.

If this sounds familiar, then it is time for you to speak to your dental practitioner about getting clear braces in Beaconsfield. This treatment offers a much more discreet approach when it comes to teeth straightening, so you can feel confident during as well as after your treatment.

The process from start to finish

If you wish to start your journey to achieving a straighter smile, then the first step is to book a consultation appointment with your dentist. They will fully assess the condition of your mouth and explain how the treatment will work.

If you suffer from overcrowding or need your jaw realigned, this will be done before you undergo any straightening treatment. You will also need to indicate to your dentist that you wish to have transparent braces, as this will enable them to figure out which treatment options are going to be the most suitable for you.

Depending on your individual circumstances, your appliance may be removable, which adds to its subtle nature and assists those who have hectic lifestyles or simply wish to take it out for important work or family moments.

Throughout your treatment, you will need to attend regular check-ups at your dental practice so your dentist can monitor the progress of your treatment. Depending on which treatment you have, you may need to visit your practice to have your appliance tightened, or you may be going to pick up your latest batch of aligners to wear.

The length of time that it takes for your treatment to be completed will depend on your individual circumstances. If your teeth only need to be moved slightly, then your treatment will take less time than if you have severely crooked teeth.

Wearing a retainer will keep your teeth in place

Once the day comes where you no longer have to wear your appliance, your dentist will introduce you to your new best friend, your retainer. You will have to wear a retainer regardless of what tooth straightening treatment you have received.

They are made out of thin plastic and fit comfortably over your teeth. They are uniquely moulded for you to keep your teeth in their new positions.

Generally, it is recommended that you wear your retainers during the day as well as at night to start off with, but after a few weeks, you are likely to be able to reduce your wear time so you only have to wear them while you sleep at night.

Some people will only be required to wear their retainer for several months, while others will need to wear it for a couple of years or potentially even for the rest of their lives.

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