Options For Orthodontics in Weybridge That Can Boost Your Smile

Thanks to ongoing improvements in modern dentistry the way dentists can look after your teeth as you get older has increased in variety, complexity and efficiency.

All sorts of interesting and intricate technology is used to make your smile last over the years.

Here are just a few of the various options for orthodontics that are available for patients looking to give their teeth a little maintenance.


First up in our list are veneers.

These are small ceramic or porcelain caps that are placed over your teeth. Your dentist may recommend this for you to cover up any gaps, cracks or staining that can’t be removed with whitening.

The fitting process involves a cast being taken of the tooth, then this is used to produce the veneer and it’s later fitted in a small divot in the enamel of your teeth that’s been carefully created by your dental team.

The purpose of the cap is to cover up the area and create the image of a normal looking tooth instead.

Dental implants

Next on our list are dental implants and these are a fairly common treatment whereby a prosthetic tooth is inserted below your gums and into the bone to fill in gaps or replace broken or badly cracked teeth.

The newly created tooth is held in place with a sterile titanium screw that bonds with the bone in your jaw over time.

There are generally two types of implant available, the endosteal and subperiosteal. The first is the most common and tends to be fitted as we mentioned above, whilst the latter is inserted under your gums, but it’s fixed above the bone.

This is usually chosen if there’s not enough healthy bone for the new implant to be grafted to and having surgery to reconstruct the area is not an option.

Invisible braces

Another pretty common practice is the use of invisible braces to help with crooked teeth.

These see-through mouth guards are custom made by your dentist to fit only in your mouth and their goal is to slowly realign your teeth by applying gentle pressure to them to straighten out your smile.

The braces are created by using lasers and LED scanning technology to map out and measure every inch of your teeth to create a 3D image that will be used to produce a brace just for you.

From there, all that’s left is to wear it for as long as you’re told to by your dentist, which is usually around 12 months.

Tooth whitening

If you’re looking for that Hollywood smile, then whitening might be for you. Using a series of bleaching sessions done either in a practice or at home with a kit they usually supply you with, this is a great way to remove staining and brighten up those pearly whites once again.

These are just a few of the treatments available to help you keep your sparkling smile looking great well into your twilight years. Why not ask your local practice about what they can offer you?

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