Is it really necessary to go to the dentist?

People are often reluctant to visit the dentist in Soho. This can be because they think that their teeth are fine and they aren’t having any problems, so why bother with the inconvenience? Others experience fear and anxiety about going for a check-up, so choose to avoid the dentist altogether rather than deal with that. However, having regular check-ups is important for oral health, general health and in terms of improving one’s self-confidence.

Oral health

If a person is not in any discomfort and does not have any obvious issues with their teeth, it is easy to assume that seeing a dentist is not necessary. However, having regular check-ups means that issues can be identified before they become problematic. For example, the patient may not be aware that they are developing a cavity, but the dentist can spot this and take action to prevent serious damage to the tooth.

During a check-up, the dental professional will check for the earliest signs of oral cancer. These are often symptoms that the patient is completely unaware of. If there is evidence of the beginning of cancer, then steps can be taken to stop it in its tracks before it spreads and causes serious damage to the mouth and indeed the rest of the body. From this perspective, having a dental check-up can literally be lifesaving.

A general check by the dentist can ascertain if the patient is in the early stages ofgum disease. This is not always something that the patient themselves is aware of. However, if it is allowed to progress, it can result in tooth loss. This is something that has far-reaching consequences for the patient and that should be avoided as much as possible.

General health

A person’s oral health has a significant impact on their general health. This is because the mouth is quite literally the gateway to the rest of the body. If it is neglected, then other areas of the body will also be affected. For example, gum disease can be easily identified and treated by the dentist during regular check-ups. However, if this does not happen, and it is allowed to develop unchecked, then the patient is likely to suffer from other health problems.

Gum disease has been shown to be a significant contributory factor in a wide variety of conditions. These include heart and lung disease, arthritis and dementia. This is because gum disease is an inflammatory condition, and when the mouth is inflamed and no treatment is given for this, then the inflammation spreads to other parts of the body.


Enlisting the help of a dentist to look after the teeth and gums can help a person to feel more confident. The dentist can offer professional cleaning at each check-up and give advice on how best to brush the teeth at home. Knowing that the teeth and gums are clean and healthy as well as free from infection or disease means that a person can be totally confident that their breath smells fresh and that their smile looks as good as it should.

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