Patients face a number of dental challenges not replacing missing teeth with dental implants

With life expectancy having doubled in the last hundred years, a lot more focus has been placed on the importance of a functional set of teeth to carry us into old age.

Due to the limited scope of teeth to repair themselves, the dentistry industry has had to resort to finding alternative treatments to give patients with missing teeth good reason to smile again and improve their quality of life.

Thanks to progressive dentistry there is no more reason to suffer with tooth loss and patients are taking advantage of the benefits of advancement in dental technology.

Research has shown a marked improvement in the 55 to 64 year-old age group retaining the function of their teeth. Whereas in 1978 the percentage of this population group with no teeth was 48 percent, this figure dropped to six percent in a thirty year period.

Replacement implants have become the ideal method of treatment as they serve a number of functions: restores natural function of teeth, offers cosmetic benefit as they look the same as natural teeth and protects the integrity of bone quality that deteriorates due to tooth loss.

Dental implants in Milton Keynes are a sensible option for patients looking to replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth or a whole mouth of teeth. The tooth-replacement process involves a titanium screw or rod being fixed to the jawbone (a surgical procedure is required).

The site of implantation is given adequate time to heal before an artificial tooth, usually a crown, is placed on top of the metal screw.

What are the risks of not replacing missing teeth?

Deterioration of dental structure

The loss of a tooth has a deleterious impact on the integrity of the dental structure in the mouth. A single missing tooth changes the balance in the natural structure as the vacant gap can cause neighbouring teeth to shift or tilt.

Often this process begins to affect the patient’s ability to chew normally and causes additional oral health problems to develop. A patient may soon lose additional teeth and is more than likely to lose bone quality.

Emotional stress caused by missing teeth

The effects of a missing tooth or teeth extend to affect the confidence and morale of patients. The problem is far from being simply a superficial one. Confidence has a direct influence on personal lives as well as professional ones and loss of confidence can cause a significant amount of emotional distress.

Change in facial appearance

Leaving gaps in the structure of teeth can cause facial muscles to sag this then has the potential to change a patient’s facial structure. Once again, this can negatively affect self-confidence.

Change in speech and chewing abilities

Many patients find that they experience challenges when attempting to chew food due to a missing tooth. This tooth loss can also change speech patterns which can be a cause for embarrassment.

Worried about how lost teeth will affect your oral health? Schedule a consultation at a dental clinic today and a dentist will talk through all available treatment options.

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