What is restorative dentistry?

Dental implants in Herefordshire are just one example of the many treatments that are covered by restorative dentistry. Restorative dental care essentially strives to restore not only the function of a patient’s smile (with regards to being able to eat, drink, and clean their teeth normally again) but it also works to improve the physical appearance of a patient’s mouth too.

What is implant dentistry?

In the modern world of dentistry there are constant advancements within the field of restorative dental care, these include computerised treatments, in addition to high quality dental materials that are now being used at many modern and accommodating practices. With these advancements in mind therefore, implant dentistry chooses to embrace both the best in materials, in addition to custom made porcelain crowns, in order to produce the optimal dental results for implant patients.

How do dental implants work to produce long-term results?

Dental implants could be argued as the best possible form of tooth replacement within the modern field of dentistry, they are offered by the majority of modern dental clinics. These efficient prostheses consist of three vital aspects, which work to produce the best possible results.

The dental implant itself acts as a stabilising base for both the connector, and the porcelain crown

Despite dental implants being the first choice for many patients suffering from one, or even several missing teeth from within the mouth, many patients may be unsure of how they work to produce effective dental results. The dental implant itself is essentially a tiny titanium screw (which is typically less than just one centimetre long!) which works to support both the abutment (which is also commonly referred to as the connector), in addition to the porcelain crown.

Ensuring patients achieve a natural looking smile, every time

Within the modern field of dentistry many dental clinics are now choosing to adopt a patient-centred approach, this essentially means that the dental case of each patient is treated as entirely unique, therefore producing the best possible results for the patient’s smile. Putting the emphasis on a patient’s individual needs means treatment is specifically tailored to them and their porcelain crowns are no expectation!

Did you know?

Many modern dental practices are now creating custom-made porcelain crowns, this essentially means that both the shape and shade is perfectly matched to the surrounding teeth within the mouth, therefore producing natural looking dental results.

For patients who are feeling anxious prior to their dental implant consultation

Despite common misconception, dental anxiety is not only experienced by children, but can be suffered by individuals of all ages! A fear of the dentist is typically triggered by negative childhood experiences at a young age and can unfortunately be carried into adulthood.

So what’s the solution?

Receiving any form of dental work can be daunting for many individuals, especially for those patients who have never had to visit the dentist for anything other than a dental hygiene check-up. For patients who are feeling anxious, it is suggested they speak to their dental specialist and express their concerns prior to their implant appointment, in order to discuss the best possible solution. There are many ways in which any concerns can be allayed by a sympathetic dental professional.

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